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Nexen RPS system

The Nexen RPS system for linear and rotary precision movements is based on two unique components:


• Gears with precision bearing rollers.
• Rack or gear segment with a unique tooth profile.


The gear drive can be delivered either prepared for a directly connected servo motor or with a suitable precision gear type Spinea for optimal precision.


The Nexen RPS system offers unique accuracy and repeatability - with absolutely no backlash.

Linear systems

With Nexen's linear system RPS, you can build infinitely long systems with the same accuracy as a card.


The racks are supplied in sections with an assembly tool to ensure perfect assembly.

Six different types of racks, one of which is stainless steel, and two different types of gears ensure that we can always find the right solution for every application.

You can find more information in our pdf catalogue

Rotating RPS system

Nexen's RPS system for rotary precision motion is available in six different sizes with ring gears from 161 to 7428 mm in diameter.

Some of the sizes are available with an internal gear. The larger wreaths are delivered in sections and there are opportunities to design special wreaths if the standard range does not fit.


You can find further information in our pdf catalogue.

Indexing system PRD

Nexen PRD systems are complete drive systems including storage. They are prepared for connection of servo motor/gear.

Nexen RPD systems can handle high loads and can be mounted in any position from horizontal to vertical.


Further information can be found in the pdf catalogue

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