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With Rossi's product range, we have the world's widest range of gears.


All manufacturing takes place at two factories in Italy. All components are manufactured locally. The gears from Rossi can be combined with other products from our range, such as slewing rings, cardan shafts and clamping joints.


Below you will find all products with respective catalogues.


iFit Gearmotors

iFit is the new gear in the Rossi series of high-performance geared motors that can be easily integrated with any industrial machine, without re-engineering costs.
  • "Plug & Play", without restructuring costs
  • 100% made in the EU
  • Cast iron casing
  • DIN/ISO 6 Precision gears
  • Premium efficient IE3 electric motors
  • Compact design, high quality, purity guaranteed
  • Performance up to 12% higher than market standards
  • Available with IoT-based dDrive smart inverter


Industrial gearboxes from the G series.


It is possible to get both in parallel or as a pin design.

With or without engine


  • Simple and functional design
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • High, reliable and proven performance
  • Suitable for the heaviest tasks


Planetary gears EP series


Available both in-line and with angular advance.

  • 2,3 or 4 steps for both coaxial and right-angle axis
  • Wide range of accessories and non-standard designs
  • Modular design, several optional executions
  • Very compact design that reduces the weight of the gearbox


Combined units


EP + G series

  • Easy customization
  • Interchangeability
  • Flexible and adaptable to specific applications


Planetary gears EP series for heavy industry.


Experience and know-how have led Rossi to become a reference supplier for the high-quality products we supply, combined with specific turnkey solutions mainly used in heavy industrial applications.


Slewing drives EP series.


Targets the off-shore and marine side. Slewdrive gear units range from 9 kNm – 400 kNm max torque spread in 10 sizes and 3 different reinforced output flanges

  • R: dual pilot flanged
  • A: dual pilot compact
  • H: single pilot flanged forward


Worm gears A series


  • Universal mounting
  • Forced ventilation for easy thermal power dissipation
  • Wide range of accessories and non-standard designs
  • Worm wheels for the A series and geared motors made of nickel bronze material to achieve
    • Improved performance,
    • Higher load capacity,
    • Greater reliability 
    • More durability
  • Higher worm efficiency


Industrial gears H series


Targets the heavy segment.

  • Split housing, cast iron frame
  • Spiral and conical gear with ground and optimized profile
  •  Large models made especially for heavy industrial application
  • Typical mounts include
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Inclined
    • Oscillating mounting positions

One of the widest selections from one and the same supplier


Coaxial gears and geared motors E series


  • Strongly patents gearbox
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Final stage with 3 bearings for increased torque capacity
  • Strong and suitable even for the heaviest applications


Drive unit on the swing base RE series


Careful design and choice of equipment

Unique reference for commercial and technical matters

Entire unit certified upright

Global well-known brands of suppliers

  • Plug and Play design
  • Easy and quick installation on site
  • Accurate and qualified design for the base plate


Industrial gearbox series GX with extruder design


Extruder support designed for heavy duty applications

Possibility of long models

Excellent gear transmitted torque to weight ratio


Angular gears L series


Right-angled units with more options

Compact design

Rigid and durable cast iron housing

Multiple output options, solid or hollow shafts

Low gears available

Capacity for multiple devices synchronized

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