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Precision chains

Precision spoons

Here you will find roller chains of all types and sizes. Our partner IWIS also produces roller chains with brackets and special chains with group chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains and many other models. 


Below you will find different chains with respective catalogs. Questions? Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more!

Super Longlife SL roller chain

Our standard precision roller chain.
We stock all dimensions according to DIN standard 8187-1 (European standard).


Roller chains with mounted carriers

All types of IWIS precision roller chains can be fitted with different types of drivers. The high manufacturing precision makes these chains extremely suitable in a variety of transport and positioning applications.


The range of standard carriers is very extensive and is supplemented by an interesting number of carriers for special areas of use. The entire range is well presented in our catalog of "Precision Roller Chains".


Below is presented a small part of the possibilities that we can offer.

CR chain

Our rust resistant precision roller chain that offers several advantages compared to stainless roller chain.

Mega Life ML chain

Our grease-free precision roller chain - the latest innovation from IWIS. Using a new type of bushing, IWIS has created a roller chain that does not require lubrication!

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