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Lifting components

Looking for lifting components? We have chain in different classes: Class 10 VIP, Mini chain Class 10 and Class 12 ICE. On this page you will also find an assortment of load securing, lifting points and a complete bag with lifting points.



  • Loaded from all sides and increased WLL in the plane of the ring.
  • 4:1 security against breakage.
  • Wear marks on the inside and outside of the lift bar thus easily recognizable discard criteria.
  • Closed fillet weld – no under-corrosion.
  • Made of duplex steel 1.4462.

Lifting points

The natural choice for safe lifting points. Catalog of RUD lifting eyes can be found below.


CAD support - in the menu you can click on the image "Solid Components CAD support". There are several of RUD's lifting birds as models, ready to download to your CAD program.


Here you will find the complete catalog of RUD's VIP chain and accessory range. Found a specific product? Please contact us!

Bag with lifting points

All in one! 16 lifting points and a Mini chain - perfect for service- and maintenance work. RUD's swiveling, strong and approved lifting points and the class 10 pink VIP chain are the shortcut to safe lifting! 


The eyelets are approved for lifting straight up and also perpendicular to the eyelet's threaded bolt. Read more about the contents of the bag below.

Number / Designation / Thread / Capacity

4 pcs / VRS-M10 M10 1 – 0,4 ton

4 pcs / VRS-M12 M12 2 – 0,7 ton

4 pcs / VRS-M16 M16 4 – 1,4 ton

4 pcs / VRS-M20 M20 6 – 2,3 ton


The box is available in two variants:

RUD Box 1 - Contains 16 lifting loops.

RUD Box 2 – Contains 16 lifting eyes and 1 2-part mini chain with capacities of 880 kg incl. quick shorteners and "cobra hooks". Total length 2 m.


If you want to order RUD Box or get more information about RUD's lifting eyes and chain system, contact us today!


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