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Hydromechanical tensioning joint

Due to the hydraulic working method, the ETP principle provides a number of important advantages for the customer: compact design, quick assembly, easy to position, good rotation, does not damage the contact surfaces and is easy to dismantle.


These qualities are important today and will become even more important in the future. Increased requirements for smaller installation dimensions, better rotation/balance at increased machine speeds, shorter downtime for service and increased precision means that more and more people are building in ETP hydraulic axle-hub connections.


Due to its robust construction, ETP-HYLOC is suitable for difficult environments and heavy operations such as rolling mills, process industries, etc.


One interesting application among many is the attachment of roller rollers, as ETP-HYLOC is quick to assemble, has good circular movement and can withstand high radial loads.


ETP-HYDROPRESS is a customized axle/hub connection for larger axles. The principle is the same as for spirit ETP bushings, but with the help of an external pressurization, we have created a connection that can be very easily adapted to the customer application.


The dimension list should only be seen as an example of a "standard range", but the bushing can be very easily changed to the current application.

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