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Gear couplings

Renk is one of the world's leading manufacturers of spur gear couplings. Only a limited range of standard couplings is presented on our website.


For further information on, for example, high speed couplings for speeds up to 40 rpm, please contact our sales representatives.

Gear couplings series LBk

  • Split clutch housing
  • Angular error +/- 0,75 degrees
  • Greased
  • Gear top centering
  • Large shoulder holes
  • Low weight
  • Renk's simplest gear coupling with 28 different sizes for shaft dimensions from 12 mm to 370 mm
  • Normally in stock in 20 different sizes

Gear coupling series SBk

  • Split clutch housing with cover
  • Angular error +/- 0,75 degrees
  • Grease lubrication
  • Simple seal replacement
  • Gear top centering
  • Large shoulder holes
  • Reversible hubs for different installation lengths
  • Series SBk is a further development of series LBk and is available in 28 different sizes.
  • Shaft diameters from 12 mm to 370 mm
  • Normally stocked in 20 different sets of straps

Gear coupling series SB

  • Technically advanced construction
  • Split house with cover
  • Cover cap for large angle errors
  • Angle error +/- 1,5 degrees/coupling half (special versions +/- 3 degrees
  • Oil or grease lubrication
  • Lubrication function even in the event of a damaged seal
  • Easy replacement of seal
  • Gear top or flank centering
  • Series SB is an advanced gear coupling for demanding operations.
  • 28 different sizes for axle holes from 12 mm to 337 mm
  • Normally in stock in 20 different sizes

Spindle couplings

For decades, the RENK toothed coupling has been a reliable product all over the world. With this spindle coupling based on the arc tooth technology, RENK has taken this technology a step further and developed a shaft coupling that is mechanically rigid yet movable in all directions.

The shape of the teeth enables purely mechanical mobility without any elastic elements. This product is primarily developed for applications where large torques must be transmitted as compactly as possible.

The spindle coupling can accommodate large deviations and is perfectly suited to most applications in steel mills, whether cold or hot rolling mills.

HYGUARD® safety coupling

The primary task of overload protection in machinery systems is to protect valuable machinery from damage due to the occurrence of unexpected and increased torques.
However, it is impossible to completely rule out machine breakdowns caused by sudden overloads that cannot be predicted.


However, a single incident of damage can be far more expensive than an effective overload protection type HYGUARD®.


Appropriate safety equipment is therefore still necessary to protect such systems.


With HYGUARD® hydraulic safety couplings, the torque is transmitted exclusively via friction between the hydrostatically loaded surfaces of the shaft and hub. It works without slipping as long as the preset torque is not exceeded. If the torque exceeds this value, the hydrostatic pressure is quickly released, shutting down the drivetrain immediately.
Commissioning requires some time. The system only needs to be placed under pressure once more.

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