Hydraulic turning devices

Hydraulically, you can create a turning movement and the turning device itself can absorb higher external mechanical stresses. Perfect for tilt movements and various types of applications where you have access to hydraulics.


Looking for gears? We have a wide range of gears. Here you will find everything from geared motors with helical and bevel helical gears to planetary gears.

Roller chains

We have a very wide range of standard chains which are supplemented with a number of customer-unique chains. Read more about our products here.

Cardan shafts

Cardan shafts are in many cases an excellent alternative to shaft couplings when the distances between the shaft pins exceed approx. 500 mm. They are cost-effective and have a long service life.

Hydraulic motor

Parker's complete range of high and low speed motors provide up to 1695 Nm of torque at speeds from 1/2 to 13 rpm. A full range of sizes is offered as an operating configuration for gears, gerotors, vanes and pistons.

Slew drive

Our slewdrives are closed units, which means a high degree of reliability, which provides longer durability and lower maintenance costs.