Indexing gears

Indexing gears and indexing tables are simple, proven and reliable machine elements. Bettinelli is a world-leading manufacturer from Italy.

Hydraulic turning devices

Hydraulically, you can create a turning movement and the turning device itself can absorb higher external mechanical stresses. Perfect for tilt movements and various types of applications where you have access to hydraulics.


Looking for gears? We have a wide range of gears. Here you will find everything from geared motors with helical and bevel helical gears to planetary gears.

Precision chains

For more than 80 years, IWIS has manufactured roller chain with the absolute highest precision and quality, and today more than 700 people work at the company's factory in Munich.


Jacks from UNIMEK SpA are easy to use, reliable and require a minimum of maintenance. This makes them a very useful machine element.

Planetary gears

Planetary Gears Apex Dynamics INC manufactures a large number of different planetary gear series. All of very high quality and with several unique properties.

Gear couplings

All mechanical friction joints are based on the principle of cones sliding against each other. The sliding and thus the radial expansion, brought about…

Steel industry

The steel industry requires durable and safe mechanical components, regardless of what is being manufactured. It is a necessity that the products produced have endurance and durability in extreme environments. It is about everything from extreme cold to enormously high temperatures. Therefore, the products must be safe, function correctly regardless of stress and have long life cycles.

Shipbuilding industry

Mechanical components play a major role in the heavy shipbuilding industry. Here, the need for products that have enormous durability in extreme environments is extremely important. This means that components that can provide high forces, low weights and long life cycles.


In order to meet your requirements set by your industry, we only work with products and selected equipment that come from manufacturers known for their high level of quality.
During the consultation, we calculate which dimensions you need, how the product should be certified and which equipment is needed for assembly.