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Cardan shafts

Cardan shafts are in many cases an excellent alternative to shaft couplings when the distances between the shaft pins exceed approx. 500 mm. They are cost-effective and have a long service life. 


In the product area of ​​cardan shafts, we cooperate with Welte Kardan in Germany. The company has been active in this area for many years and together we offer:


• Flexibility in combination with very short delivery times when required
• Quality thinking
• Reliability


A wide range of standard cardan shafts and great possibilities for customized solutions. The product range includes cardan shafts for torques from 150 Nm to 270 Nm and a large number of variants of different flange connections.

An alternative to buying a new cardan shaft can be refurbishment to new condition at a lower cost. We offer renovation of not only our own cardan shafts, but also spare parts and renovation of most makes on the market. With information on make and type, we can offer both spare parts and complete renovation in a short time.


What is included: 

• Fitness test
• Dismantling
• Replacement of wearing parts such as bearings and seals
• Reassembly
• Balancing
• Painting

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